Not so bad!

For  some reason I was absolutely shattered by the end of the first day, of the big push the man up diet otherwise food for thought! It’s hard to believe some of the effects of the new food plan but I slept like a log.

Yesterday, Friday was good though I did feel a bit spacey, I had a breakfast of ham, tomato and beetroot again just because that’s all I had in the fridge and prior to that a large drink of water.

I had my work weekly weigh in with Debs and I was down by 1 1/2 pounds this was really encouraging and made me more determined to to well. I know it’s only been 24 hours or so but little steps!! Looking back through our weigh in records I was frustrated to think was a stone lighter last year! It’s so annoying that I let weight creep back on an odd pound here or there so easy to do and do hard to shift.

Work was busy I managed to grab a  peppermint tea and had taken a ham salad for lunch lots of watercress, rocket and spinach with iceberg lettuce. No dressing.  I went out a lunchtime to get some  Omega 3 fish oil supplements and organic Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts for snacks. I’d did have a large handful later and not the 5/6 recommended so better count these out next time.

After work it was running around as usual collecting the youngest daughter (YD) from school and then getting ready for her drop off at 5pm for her first ever guitar concert or Martin’s Students Rock as it was called. I made a quick snack for her, my real danger time in the kitchen I did pick at some olives whilst I prepared our dinner for later.

After a quick drop off and return of the YD the middle daughter (MD) had arrived for dinner.

Chicken in fajita spices for me plus salad again and TOH had a similar healthy eating option. As we were going out to the concert I grabbed a large bottle of Evian, bunch of grapes and blueberries.

The (YD) did great but as the concert was quite ‘rocky’ and the Brazil Columbia game was beckoning TOH we decided it was time to depart! Even though we have registered for Glastonbury next year TOH could not be persuaded!

I did feel a bit heady again not sure if this is a reaction to the eating plan but I was grateful for my bed!

Apart from the grapes and going nuts with the nuts I did OK and having got on the scales in the morning I seem to have lost another 2lb woohoo!! Surely that can’t be right but I am recording my weight on my app from today so I have a proper record as I didn’t get weighed at the outset which was disappointing.

TOH seems to have lost 3 pounds since I have been following the healthy eating plan – how is this!!! Not sure if this is his man up diet of not eating anything apart from breakfast and dinner! Whatever he is doing it’s working!

Why is it do easy for men to lose weight it’s so annoying!

Aims for weekend – keep with it and get to the gym!



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