Why is dieting so expensive!

After the first few days of trying the Feel Good Project and having been on salads all week the fridge was pretty bare so I alerted the YD that we would have to visit the supermarket after swimming. Anyone with children knows the joys of a Saturday morning shop.

Blogging was helping my diet as I had no time for breakfast – just a glass of water but I wasn’t actually hungry. Took the YD swimming with promises to myself of bacon and eggs for lunch.

Why is it you spend so much more when you take your kids shopping! I did buy some Christmas presents today – get me! I will probably lose them by Christmas following some of the suggestions got coconut oil for cooking (not organic) and stocked up on all other essentials including some organic meat. Funnily enough the lady on the till told me she used coconut oil on her hair so if all else fails!!

My shopping budget has taken a severe beating! Getting home and persuading the teenage son (TS) to help me and quickly Vacuum with the promise of lunch I rustled up bacon, egg, tinned plum tomatoes and even a bit of steak (treat from TS work leftovers) This was still on plan!

No gym for me but a drop of for the YD to a party then back home to take the TS to work and collect the YD and then home to find TOH in the middle of assembling our BBQ. A superdooper 5 burner looking forward to cooking on that beauty!

By this time I did need the walnut, almond and Brazil booster. As did the TOH as a reward for building man stuff!

Dinner was sea bass and stir fry in a chilli sauce. I did succumb to a desert as I had spotted Greek yoghurt on the plan I had a couple of spoons with strawberries, blueberries and nectarine. It was lovely!

Anyway TOH is making comments about totally not getting blogging and why would anyone be interested in it so I am now going to be interested in football! Lol! Go Holland!!



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