Not sure if the homemade moussaka was so slimming!

For some reason I wasn’t that hungry today but had some chicken tikka (dry) with cherry tomatoes for lunch

I made moussaka for dinner, had to prep it early as the YD was in a show made with onion, garlic, lean organic lamb mince, passata, parsley and cinnamon. I layered aubergine (egg plant) lightly fried in olive oil (allowed) for the rest of the fam they had fried slices potatoes in it. I had to make a bechemal sauce with flour but note you can make it with Greek yoghurt ( for next time) and topped with crumbled feta, served with salad! I did have seconds do have probably blown myself off plan but it was delicious!

For afters we had gorgeous cherries (bradbourne variety I believe)

Hopped on the scales later – can’t keep off the wretched things and of course my weight was up but I will leave it for the morning!



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