Has the fudge blown it for me!

After a weekend of rushing around I was pleased to get back to work for a rest! Isn’t it just rotten. When the weekend flies by and you feel that you have no time to yourself!

After the success of putting the BBQ together Saturday night TOH was quite inspired and even put the curtain back pole up. A job that had been waiting for some time. It had come out of the wall and he refilled and sanded it, an excellent job – it did take me ages to remember which colour the paint was on the wall to buy the tester to cover it over but we completed the task and my lovely curtains were ready to be rehung. The other side of the pole looked dodgy so we used some miracle fix stuff that is supposed to do the job…………. Of course it didn’t and I am now back to one pole on the opposite side! Such is life!

Back to Monday, I am feeling quite continental with my breakfasts of ham, olives (6) and tomato. It doesn’t sound much but is quite satisfying.

I took a snack to work of my 3 nut types, Brazils, walnuts and almonds as I knew I wouldn’t have lunch until later. Though I drunk fruit tea and a peppermint tea I didn’t have any extra water. Not good!

I picked the YD up from school and went back to a friends for a quick glass of water and couple of plums as you do! She had previously lost weight at slimming world so understood my quest for weight loss too!

Once I got home I did feel quite hungry so I had the rest of last nights moussaka which was delicious!

My promises to myself of going to the gym had not emerged! I did feel annoyed with myself but the reason was I had work to sort out at home – again. This is part of my frustration as I keep bring work home, it’s a catch 22 the work needs to be done and I feel better when it is but I feel frustrated as I can’t do what I really want to do. The solution work is for work home is for home! Easier said than done!

After the brownie run (not chocolate brownies) I had a mushroom omelette and salad for my dinner. Still on plan! This was preceded by water and my fish oil tablets. I have to say I am not enjoying these, although I do seem more sprightly – my knee joint doesn’t feel so bad – you can get a bit of a repeat with them!

My no 1 PA had returned from her holiday today and had kindly bought me some handmade fudge from Cornwall. It had spent the day prettily packaged out of my sight and to some degree forgotten!

The rest of the fam had been to Thorpe Park theme park today so upon their return I thought the sensible thing was to share it the fudge- less for me to eat or be tempted with!

So that’s it I had 3 pieces it was yummy, TOH a reliable glutton could only manage about 4 pieces as he claimed it was so sweet (his diet had been blown by a KFC and Nandos) and horror of horrors TS only had 1 piece as he claimed it was too sickly! The box was half full and remains a temptation! I will have to have this as a test of my resolve!

Weight wise I have stayed the same so no nuts for me as I think they should be an occasional treat and back to salads until Wednesday the day of the weigh in!


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