Rain rain go away!

Last night I met with Paul my guru and nutritionist to chat about how my first week had been

Essentially I have cut out dairy, cheese and milk, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, wheat and corn. There have also been other factors, no carbonated drinks sugary drinks and processed foods. To be honest it hasn’t been that difficult as I have various reasons for wanting to loose some weight.

It is important though to not label this as a diet but a healthy eating plan. Which of course it is!

Unfortunately my actual weight has fluctuated a bit in the last week as I didn’t weigh myself properly but according to my own scales my progress is a loss of 3 1/2 pounds.

I do feel a bit disappointed as it I had been pretty amazing at following the plan, normally this will be one or two days for me, but I am keeping the no carbs hopefully for another couple of weeks to see where it leads.

Paul weighed me on his super duper all knowing and far too clever scales! Apart from the affirmation of my weight (bathroom scales are always wrong!!!!) the rotten things measured my BMI water levels, age and all manner of things! I did feel very shocked afterwards as my age was 64!!

As Paul said it can only get better, he has gone back 30 years since he had the scales. I need to make an impact and improve.

My key area this week is to work on my hydration levels which were pretty low so I going to make this my aim to drink more water!

Goodness only knows what they were like before I got on the special scales as I have doubled my intake this week!

Yesterday it was my sisters birthday. I did have some crips and dip (not so virtuous) and a homemade cake.

Dinner chicken and stir fry! Lovely followed by Greek yoghurt strawberries, blueberries and a plum. Greek yoghurt is better to have at nighttime. The only downer is feeling tired but I think this is due to TOH watching football until late (and falling asleep)!

Today is not so good, the sun has gone but thankfully after school the YD has no clubs! We can work on the jungle that is out garden provided it’s dry!



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