I’m not hanging I had a very intense work out yesterday!

I was quite stressed about going to my friends 40th birthday party last night as I had been so good on my healthy eating plan and with my weight loss I knew it was working! I knew though after a few cocktails my resolve would soon go!

I was quite thankful I had been to the gym earlier that day. The class was hard work and with just 3 of us the trainer decided to be cruel! It was tough but at the same time really enjoyable! Note to self …….to make sure I do at least 3 classes a week!

The plan was to drink lots of water before we went out to the party and to have restraint! Hmmmmm!

The party was fantastic everyone had gone all out on the 20s theme there were lots of gorgeous outfits and dancers teaching us how to Charleston. The 20s singers were brilliant and warmed us up for the group who played some great dance music.

The champagne was flowing and the cocktails were divine. I am def partial to a mohito or two!

With finger sized food luckily I didn’t eat too much and just had 1 visit to the chocolate fountain!

Thankfully I must have danced off my alcohol calories as me and TOH were on the floor for about 4 hours! I have the blisters to prove it!

I think we finally got home around 2. TOH certainly had a good night – a sure sign of this was waking up to see him still partially dressed laying on top of the bed! Lucky he had his beer coat on!

Now my feet are killing me from dancing and I am feeling the effects of the gym class a 250 TRX rep work out interspersed with step ups carrying weight and stomach work! That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Today I have been back on my healthy eating plan. Bacon, egg and tomato for breakfast. Lunch chicken, olives tomato and dinner meatballs (homemade) in tomato sauce and salad followed by blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with double cream! Double cream is allowed and on plan!


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