Feeling despondent!

Yesterday my food was to plan, continental breakfast, ham, tomatoes and smoked salmon salad for lunch. I was feeling good about my eating.

After years of working with a messy desk with about 10 things on the go and feeling pressured by surrounding myself with jobs to do,  I worked yesterday with a clear desk. Just working on one job at a time and moving it to my desk for that purpose felt good. Sad though it seems I actually liked it and  it felt quite productive. I am going to try out the clean/clear desk theory today and see how it works.

Collected the YD from school and after an ice cream – her not me! We went home to get organised for Brownies and dinner. I had previously hoped to get to the gym but the FTZ class I was hoping to do was cancelled! TOH said he would come with me later in the evening and forgo a session at Beefs a rare privilege for me on a Monday night!

Confession time I had half a slice of white bread and clover with marmite! It was delicious but not on the plan………..remedial action – gym! At least I went there it was pretty late by the time we got there are I just managed 10 minutes rowing, 10 on the cross trainer and 10 brisk walking uphill. I was still feeling the effects of the Saturday beasting so this was quite pleasant.

So dinner very simple, smoked salmon – again and ratatouille. Followed by some blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with Greek yoghurt and honey.

Feeling virtuous as I do think I have been, I got on the scales, I do hate the blasted things! Do the scales lie? My weight is no different after a week of being an angel. Grrrrrr!

Why has this happened? I do feel an improvement in the tone and texture of my legs, it’s a woman thing – by having cleansed myself the overall appearance is much better but why no loss. I will see how I do on Paul’s all telling scales tomorrow but for now I must force down my water and get on with my day – clear desk theory. Bring it on!


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