Am I obsessed with my scales!

Having now followed my new healthy eating plan for some weeks and getting on my scales probably 3 times a day to monitor my progress I am finding that there is no movement on the scales which of course is making me feel despondent!

This is discouraging as having previously ate breakfast (really for the sake of it) I have spent a week of having no breakfast and just coffee with some double cream (allowed as it’s the right sort of fat!). Lunch ham/chicken salads and dinner either chicken/fish salad or vegetable.

Maybe I need to get the tape measure out as I may see weight loss that way rather than inches!

Can feel myself thinking what’s the point………! Need to stay focused!

I had a good class at the gym yesterday too….. Just had a read through some inspirational quotes which made me feel better!

I think as TOH has embraced the plan and has probably lost about 5 pounds that’s made me wonder what’s going on with me! Of course men’s and women’s bodies are different note to self get on with it and keep off the scales!


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