It seems to be working!

After a week of being super good (apart from the chocolatier tea) TOH and I met with Paul for our chat and to get onto the all telling scales. I’m not sure if I am getting to hate these scales!

I have upped my water intake massively and yet the hydration levels are still the same. This is something I have consciously done and I have to say I don’t find it easy. I would probably only drink 2-3 teas coffees a day and maybe 2 glasses of water. Now I have 1 maybe 2 coffees but more than 2 litres of water which is a huge difference!

That first big glass in the morning is a struggle and yesterday was the first day at work I finished my 2 litre bottle – it took all day! At home I usually have a couple of large glasses! Yes I know the science but it’s just getting used to it! As my Nan used to say water is only for washing in! ­čśä x

Needless to say I was disappointed that my hydration had not improved. Also my exercise was much improved but again the scales did not reflect this.

However weight loss 2 pounds. Not great but it’s going the right way! TOH lost 5 which is brilliant. I am just gutted my first week was not recorded as I know I did well then.

Normally by now I would be wavering on the diet but as we have holiday planned I will give it another month to see how it goes. By my own scales I have actually lost a stone!

It took me many years to get to the overweight stage so it will take some undoing!

We did watch a couple of interesting short programmes which were very encouraging.

Food is very powerful as we know and can heal, energise and create a healthy functional body (quoted from Paul)

So with those wise words in mind I am moving forward!

And on another note I am super thrilled that the eldest daughter ED had some brilliant news yesterday. She is training at Sandhurst a the British military academy to become an Army Officer and she was offered a place in her regiment of choice! This is a massive achievement for her and I am so proud!



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