Is it my age??

For some reason I have been absolutely shattered this week. Even though the YD is away on Scotland for a week my plans to get to the gym have not come to fruition.

Perhaps it was the sewing bee weekend making the MD fancy dress costumes and sorting out the 21st birthday BBQ for the family ? The MD actual birthday was Tuesday and we had a quick lunch and went out for a curry in the evening. Unfortunately that night I had some sort of bug and so yesterday I felt nauseous all day which was a struggle at work and when I got home I literally went to bed!

I slept like a log but and do feel better today. The disappointing thing is I didn’t lose any weight!!! There was me wishing for a bit of sickness to boost the weight loss and nothing!!

Today I need to be a demon at work got lots of things I need to do and take advantage of the YD not being around to work some extra hours and then get to the gym tonight for some cardio and a chill out.

Where has the week gone already!!


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