Diets aka healthy eating (actually another word for a diet)

I really have a love hate relationship with dieting. Obviously I hate having to be on a diet or plan as restricting foodstuffs is so annoying but I acknowledge the fact that sadly my body lets me down by not converting all the glorious calories I have consumed over the decades into fat.

Life really isn’t fair! I have diligently followed my plan for a month and all I can show for it is a loss of about 8 pounds. I know that’s a good steady loss but I want dramatic!! I want about a stone. TOH is really not helping me as he is doing very well and has dedication going to the gym at least 5 times a week and endlessly standing in front on the mirror saying how reem he is looking. Whilst I congratulate him I am of course jealous of his progress as my own body has shamelessly not followed its part of the deal even though I am being angelic.

So 3 weeks until our holiday and ideally I want to lose 2 stone……… Short of cutting off my head or contracting sickness and diarrhoea my options are limited.

As it was the MD 21st last weekend I have to acknowledge that maybe the wine and champagne last Sunday and wine on Tuesday plus big BBQ and Indian meal maybe contributed to my undoing. Perhaps not quite so angelic!

So onwards and upwards in my quest for half a stone before the holiday I will be as perfect as TOH follow my plan and get to the gym a little more so I can be all inclusive on holiday and watch those pounds creep back on!

I will then have the joy of a Christmas countdown…………… My actual quest is to be fab and fifty not fat and fifty!

That picture is of course my aim! Am I deliberately setting myself up for a fall?……


3 thoughts on “Diets aka healthy eating (actually another word for a diet)

  1. It is an ever challenging battle, but I’m a firm believer in always reaching for a goal, it is when we don’t have one that we slip in to the awful habits which easily become routine

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