Lights out!

It was great to see yesterday how so many people remembered to light a candle yesterday at 10 pm on the 100 year anniversary of the First World War. The lighting of the candles was symbolic as a mark of respect for our fallen heroes and also for those who returned having fought so bravely for us in the First World War. It’s not just the act of fighting we remember war is a machine it has many parts that need tending. So many people participated women took on new roles at home to keep families fed and to contribute to the war effort.

My grandad signed up, he lied about his age to experience the thrill and pride of fighting for his country. Times were of course different I can’t imagine my TS being rallied enough to get out of bed at the moment (he had been working hard at uni and the summer is his break)

It’s frightening when you look back over the old footage times were very hard for everyone.

So with pride I lit my candle remembering you Harry Slade the war cost you a lung and you were one of the lucky ones! What a brave generation you all were x


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