The importance of water…..

Believe me I do like a drink of water but being faced with a pint of it first thing in the morning is quite daunting! I do manage to drink it but I confess it’s not easy!

My water levels are low according to the magic scales. I have battled with increasing my consumption and nearly everyday have had 2 litres at work plus a further two pints at home. So why is it my levels are low?

I know I do not sweat excessively – sauna last night TOH was literally melting and I just glowed! What’s going on maybe I am not that overweight perhaps it’s just excessive water retention! I have increased my water levels massively I reckon 3 fold but why are the results not showing.

So me and TOH are both doing well overall with our healthy eating, more concentration on strength exercises and an increase in protein and fat and hopefully there will be some better results in the next 2 weeks.

Healthy dinner tonight and taking in more broccoli in the stir fry! Go iron and calcium!


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