Do you think it’s odd?

It is strange isn’t it when you post a blog as much as you kid yourself that you don’t think about your stats that you do have a few sneaky peeks to see if you have had any views!

I have been super excited as I have had more than 20 views which is my highest view! Woohoooooo! Thank you for reading

It’s also a little scary that as bloggers we are anonymous and can hide behind our words and yet strangers stumble across our posts and can connect with us through their words.

I am enjoying my blogging experience although TOH and my family look upon me with amusement and of course have not read my blog but it’s odd I am not sure I would really want them to read it!

I read a post from someone whose friend had been reading her blogs and it got me to thinking how would I like it? I mean it’s like an invasion of privacy but that’s just crazy as this is a public domain and we are putting ourselves out there to be read……………….

Anyway enough musing watching a bit of Gavin and Stacey which I love!


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