How To Stress Yourself Out As A Parent

Great writing wait until the third child comes along x

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Ah…parenting:) The wonderous joys that are entailed. Let’s just be real here, parenting is NOT easy. I have come to realize (well, after I had my first child), that it is THE most difficult job on the planet. Let’s go over the ways we can stress ourselves out as parents.

Ask Dumb Questions

In my school days, I would constantly hear teachers say that there aren’t any dumb questions. This my friends is simply not true. There are indeed dumb questions. One of those questions is asking your three year old why he hit his baby sister. There is no rhyme or reason to such an act. It just happens, on a regular basis. Of course I make him apologize for committing the act, but don’t worry, it will happen yet again. The second question is asking your toddler why they threw the ball in the house. Even though I…

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