Merry Christmas Eve Eve ! 

It’s not a typo. Here we are, another year is gone and we are standing on the cusp of Christmas Eve.

Christmas – one of the most special times of the year for many of us, it’s become a landmark date a sort of target that we work towards. I love this season. 

For many it’s a time when we reflect on the year that’s gone by – albeit too quickly! For many of us Christmas means time off work when we can actually stop and wind down. A time to review and think about the year that has passed?

Are you looking forward to this Christmas and the year ahead? Are you melancholic or full of excitement for the forthcoming year, thinking of the changes and challenges that are ahead of you?

I am excited for 2017. I try to be an optimist and have the attitude on someone whose cup is always half full!
The clock has ticked on and it’s Christmas Eve now!

Merry Christmas to one and all and remember life is what you make it, you are in control. Xx
#christmaseve #christmas #life #reflections 

My early morning bedroom view 


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