So where has my weight gone!

I think I have finally discovered that the stone I have lost seems to have mainly disappeared from my face and ankles! There seems to be no difference to my middle which if course is where I need it to go from!

I posted a picture of TOH and myself and the comments from friends brought this realisation to me.

We had a night out in London on Friday and visited Oblix at The Shard for a couple of cocktails – expensive but well worth the experience and then on to Vertigo 42 another bar with fantastic views. Thank goodness for Amazon vouchers ­čśâ I have taken the view that for the same price as a night at the cinema with a meal beforehand and drinks and sweets (in the good old days! Lol!) we can have some really nice treats and of course amazon or groupon have some great offers!






The Summer is passing too fast!

The first few weeks of the holidays have been strange as the YD has been away with her Dad and then with my parents to visit my brother and his family in Somerset. In between times we have visited Thorpe Park – success this time as she has reached the magic height requirement of 140cm (grown 1 cm since the last visit!). We did all the rides except Stealth and I probably screamed on them all more than anyone!

We also had a visit to the a Tower of London to see the poppy display – very moving and also have a wander inside. I don’t ever remember having visited before we saw the crown jewel the white tower, bloody tower and fusilier museum. You really need to spend a whole day as there is plenty to and see!


This weekend I tried to bake cookies with Almond Butter which was not a great success! I had an urge for a treat but the recipes I used just didn’t hit the spot. I have bought some xylitol a natural sugar (very pricy) to see if this will improve my cookie recipe!

Still plugging on with the healthy eating plan but my body is not playing ball and the weight loss has stopped. Food diary from today for examination with Paul next week feeling a bit fed up!


Please can someone tell me where the weekend went?

How is it when you have the weekend to look forward to on Thursday/Friday at work when you find yourself sitting at 9 o’clock on a Sunday evening wondering where the time went?

Friday night was nice and relaxing TOH decided to take Paul at his word and encourage me to do some low impact work at the gym followed by a relax in the health suit.

Saturday after the YD swimming we went to London for a celebration of the middle daughter’s MD forthcoming 21st. We had a brief wander around Leicester Square and Convent Garden – well as much as TS could cope with as he declared he hated people and London was too busy for him!! Helpful!

Lunch was not too successful as there was something moving in my salad …….but the chocoholics afternoon tea was fun and the cake sooooo rich! We all felt rather chocolated out afterwards.

Today has flown by, back on my healthy eating plan which is good. We were hoping to try out the BBQ but stormy weather prevented it!

Thankfully TOH worked very hard in the garden and it is looking so much better. Belatedly I planted some patio pots and a bit of colour has made a difference to the block of green!

We have the Disney themed 21st BBQ next Sunday to look forward too…….better sort my outfit!

Picture of London skyline below from level 7 Number One Leicester Square!