Feeling despondent!

Yesterday my food was to plan, continental breakfast, ham, tomatoes and smoked salmon salad for lunch. I was feeling good about my eating.

After years of working with a messy desk with about 10 things on the go and feeling pressured by surrounding myself with jobs to do,  I worked yesterday with a clear desk. Just working on one job at a time and moving it to my desk for that purpose felt good. Sad though it seems I actually liked it and  it felt quite productive. I am going to try out the clean/clear desk theory today and see how it works.

Collected the YD from school and after an ice cream – her not me! We went home to get organised for Brownies and dinner. I had previously hoped to get to the gym but the FTZ class I was hoping to do was cancelled! TOH said he would come with me later in the evening and forgo a session at Beefs a rare privilege for me on a Monday night!

Confession time I had half a slice of white bread and clover with marmite! It was delicious but not on the plan………..remedial action – gym! At least I went there it was pretty late by the time we got there are I just managed 10 minutes rowing, 10 on the cross trainer and 10 brisk walking uphill. I was still feeling the effects of the Saturday beasting so this was quite pleasant.

So dinner very simple, smoked salmon – again and ratatouille. Followed by some blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with Greek yoghurt and honey.

Feeling virtuous as I do think I have been, I got on the scales, I do hate the blasted things! Do the scales lie? My weight is no different after a week of being an angel. Grrrrrr!

Why has this happened? I do feel an improvement in the tone and texture of my legs, it’s a woman thing – by having cleansed myself the overall appearance is much better but why no loss. I will see how I do on Paul’s all telling scales tomorrow but for now I must force down my water and get on with my day – clear desk theory. Bring it on!


I’m not hanging I had a very intense work out yesterday!

I was quite stressed about going to my friends 40th birthday party last night as I had been so good on my healthy eating plan and with my weight loss I knew it was working! I knew though after a few cocktails my resolve would soon go!

I was quite thankful I had been to the gym earlier that day. The class was hard work and with just 3 of us the trainer decided to be cruel! It was tough but at the same time really enjoyable! Note to self …….to make sure I do at least 3 classes a week!

The plan was to drink lots of water before we went out to the party and to have restraint! Hmmmmm!

The party was fantastic everyone had gone all out on the 20s theme there were lots of gorgeous outfits and dancers teaching us how to Charleston. The 20s singers were brilliant and warmed us up for the group who played some great dance music.

The champagne was flowing and the cocktails were divine. I am def partial to a mohito or two!

With finger sized food luckily I didn’t eat too much and just had 1 visit to the chocolate fountain!

Thankfully I must have danced off my alcohol calories as me and TOH were on the floor for about 4 hours! I have the blisters to prove it!

I think we finally got home around 2. TOH certainly had a good night – a sure sign of this was waking up to see him still partially dressed laying on top of the bed! Lucky he had his beer coat on!

Now my feet are killing me from dancing and I am feeling the effects of the gym class a 250 TRX rep work out interspersed with step ups carrying weight and stomach work! That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Today I have been back on my healthy eating plan. Bacon, egg and tomato for breakfast. Lunch chicken, olives tomato and dinner meatballs (homemade) in tomato sauce and salad followed by blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with double cream! Double cream is allowed and on plan!

Rain rain go away!

Last night I met with Paul my guru and nutritionist to chat about how my first week had been

Essentially I have cut out dairy, cheese and milk, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, wheat and corn. There have also been other factors, no carbonated drinks sugary drinks and processed foods. To be honest it hasn’t been that difficult as I have various reasons for wanting to loose some weight.

It is important though to not label this as a diet but a healthy eating plan. Which of course it is!

Unfortunately my actual weight has fluctuated a bit in the last week as I didn’t weigh myself properly but according to my own scales my progress is a loss of 3 1/2 pounds.

I do feel a bit disappointed as it I had been pretty amazing at following the plan, normally this will be one or two days for me, but I am keeping the no carbs hopefully for another couple of weeks to see where it leads.

Paul weighed me on his super duper all knowing and far too clever scales! Apart from the affirmation of my weight (bathroom scales are always wrong!!!!) the rotten things measured my BMI water levels, age and all manner of things! I did feel very shocked afterwards as my age was 64!!

As Paul said it can only get better, he has gone back 30 years since he had the scales. I need to make an impact and improve.

My key area this week is to work on my hydration levels which were pretty low so I going to make this my aim to drink more water!

Goodness only knows what they were like before I got on the special scales as I have doubled my intake this week!

Yesterday it was my sisters birthday. I did have some crips and dip (not so virtuous) and a homemade cake.

Dinner chicken and stir fry! Lovely followed by Greek yoghurt strawberries, blueberries and a plum. Greek yoghurt is better to have at nighttime. The only downer is feeling tired but I think this is due to TOH watching football until late (and falling asleep)!

Today is not so good, the sun has gone but thankfully after school the YD has no clubs! We can work on the jungle that is out garden provided it’s dry!


Not sure if the homemade moussaka was so slimming!

For some reason I wasn’t that hungry today but had some chicken tikka (dry) with cherry tomatoes for lunch

I made moussaka for dinner, had to prep it early as the YD was in a show made with onion, garlic, lean organic lamb mince, passata, parsley and cinnamon. I layered aubergine (egg plant) lightly fried in olive oil (allowed) for the rest of the fam they had fried slices potatoes in it. I had to make a bechemal sauce with flour but note you can make it with Greek yoghurt ( for next time) and topped with crumbled feta, served with salad! I did have seconds do have probably blown myself off plan but it was delicious!

For afters we had gorgeous cherries (bradbourne variety I believe)

Hopped on the scales later – can’t keep off the wretched things and of course my weight was up but I will leave it for the morning!


Why is dieting so expensive!

After the first few days of trying the Feel Good Project and having been on salads all week the fridge was pretty bare so I alerted the YD that we would have to visit the supermarket after swimming. Anyone with children knows the joys of a Saturday morning shop.

Blogging was helping my diet as I had no time for breakfast – just a glass of water but I wasn’t actually hungry. Took the YD swimming with promises to myself of bacon and eggs for lunch.

Why is it you spend so much more when you take your kids shopping! I did buy some Christmas presents today – get me! I will probably lose them by Christmas following some of the suggestions got coconut oil for cooking (not organic) and stocked up on all other essentials including some organic meat. Funnily enough the lady on the till told me she used coconut oil on her hair so if all else fails!!

My shopping budget has taken a severe beating! Getting home and persuading the teenage son (TS) to help me and quickly Vacuum with the promise of lunch I rustled up bacon, egg, tinned plum tomatoes and even a bit of steak (treat from TS work leftovers) This was still on plan!

No gym for me but a drop of for the YD to a party then back home to take the TS to work and collect the YD and then home to find TOH in the middle of assembling our BBQ. A superdooper 5 burner looking forward to cooking on that beauty!

By this time I did need the walnut, almond and Brazil booster. As did the TOH as a reward for building man stuff!

Dinner was sea bass and stir fry in a chilli sauce. I did succumb to a desert as I had spotted Greek yoghurt on the plan I had a couple of spoons with strawberries, blueberries and nectarine. It was lovely!

Anyway TOH is making comments about totally not getting blogging and why would anyone be interested in it so I am now going to be interested in football! Lol! Go Holland!!


Not so bad!

For  some reason I was absolutely shattered by the end of the first day, of the big push the man up diet otherwise food for thought! It’s hard to believe some of the effects of the new food plan but I slept like a log.

Yesterday, Friday was good though I did feel a bit spacey, I had a breakfast of ham, tomato and beetroot again just because that’s all I had in the fridge and prior to that a large drink of water.

I had my work weekly weigh in with Debs and I was down by 1 1/2 pounds this was really encouraging and made me more determined to to well. I know it’s only been 24 hours or so but little steps!! Looking back through our weigh in records I was frustrated to think was a stone lighter last year! It’s so annoying that I let weight creep back on an odd pound here or there so easy to do and do hard to shift.

Work was busy I managed to grab a  peppermint tea and had taken a ham salad for lunch lots of watercress, rocket and spinach with iceberg lettuce. No dressing.  I went out a lunchtime to get some  Omega 3 fish oil supplements and organic Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts for snacks. I’d did have a large handful later and not the 5/6 recommended so better count these out next time.

After work it was running around as usual collecting the youngest daughter (YD) from school and then getting ready for her drop off at 5pm for her first ever guitar concert or Martin’s Students Rock as it was called. I made a quick snack for her, my real danger time in the kitchen I did pick at some olives whilst I prepared our dinner for later.

After a quick drop off and return of the YD the middle daughter (MD) had arrived for dinner.

Chicken in fajita spices for me plus salad again and TOH had a similar healthy eating option. As we were going out to the concert I grabbed a large bottle of Evian, bunch of grapes and blueberries.

The (YD) did great but as the concert was quite ‘rocky’ and the Brazil Columbia game was beckoning TOH we decided it was time to depart! Even though we have registered for Glastonbury next year TOH could not be persuaded!

I did feel a bit heady again not sure if this is a reaction to the eating plan but I was grateful for my bed!

Apart from the grapes and going nuts with the nuts I did OK and having got on the scales in the morning I seem to have lost another 2lb woohoo!! Surely that can’t be right but I am recording my weight on my app from today so I have a proper record as I didn’t get weighed at the outset which was disappointing.

TOH seems to have lost 3 pounds since I have been following the healthy eating plan – how is this!!! Not sure if this is his man up diet of not eating anything apart from breakfast and dinner! Whatever he is doing it’s working!

Why is it do easy for men to lose weight it’s so annoying!

Aims for weekend – keep with it and get to the gym!


Getting started

On Wednesday I met with a small group of people to share  in “food for thought” led by Paul a discussion on food in today’s market, choices we make and how those food choices impact on our lifestyle.

Having just been a member of Slimming World for 12 weeks and not lost any weight and also having a weekly weigh in with a work colleague for over a year and hovering around the same weight I really thought it was about time to stop playing at this and be committed enough to try and make some changes to my eating habits.

With life going by at such a fast pace it’s easy to just do everything on autopilot without any real time to stop and thinkfor yourself. Everything  becomes a habit, getting up showering, breakfast, school run, work, school run, clubs, dinner and bed. Feeling like a hamster (with the fat cheeks) on the treadmill is a feeling that I no longer wish to have. All the rushing about has now reached a stage where I want to shout STOP!

Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic but here I am keen to make some changes to my life to regain a waistband and some time to myself and perhaps share with anyone who is interest in hearing how  it’s working for me.

I have never blogged and to all intents am a complete technophobe and needless to say my children would be horrified at my broadcasting my ramblings to the world but here I am a rebel and doing this for myself!

So after Wednesday’s pep talk and a relatively good Thursday here I am to the absolute amusement of the other half (TOH) who doesn’t understand what a blog is why I would do such a thing what is the point and who will read it! I am wondering myself!

So reports on the first day of healthy eating plan……..!

I did feel excited on the first day as I was hopeful of emulating my friend Helens success who lost an amazing 2 stone. After having been told by TOH I just need to man up and get on with it (as he is doing in his quest for reemness) I thought I am going to do just that and man up for a week and see where that gets me!

So prebreakfast I tried to drink a pint of water – I could only manage about half! And to eat I had tomato, ham and beetroot! These were good I had available from the list that were quick and easy. I made packed lunch of tuna in spring water, salad, with lots of rocket, watercress and spinach. Nothing naughty in between and a peppermint tea to drink. The crucial time was getting home after work being in the kitchen I would usually have bread (no bread allowed now) As I was hungry I opted for half a red grapefruit but confession time……., I did have a couple of spoons of couscous – why I don’t know just because it was there oh and some olives! More water was drunk and then for dinner salmon (just cooked in the microwave) peas, broccoli, carrots and mashed swede. Not yet checked the food list to see if the choices were OK but it was satisfying.

No desert but more water and by this time I was getting a slight headache and feeling tired not sure if it was to do with the strong words with teenage son earlier but maybe it was a no carb and no dairy reaction!

Day 2 now 24 hours on and I couldn’t resist a jump on the scales . I seem to have shifted a pound! My resolves sharpened I descended to the kitchen to the surprise of TOH who doesn’t usually see me out of bed at after 6 and I managed a quick half pint of water and then decided ….as you do ….to start a blog!

So here’s to a good day. I am sipping my peppermint tea – no bread pasta potatoes rice sugary drinks or milk for me for 7 days and just about to shower and start the day!