The importance of water…..

Believe me I do like a drink of water but being faced with a pint of it first thing in the morning is quite daunting! I do manage to drink it but I confess it’s not easy!

My water levels are low according to the magic scales. I have battled with increasing my consumption and nearly everyday have had 2 litres at work plus a further two pints at home. So why is it my levels are low?

I know I do not sweat excessively – sauna last night TOH was literally melting and I just glowed! What’s going on maybe I am not that overweight perhaps it’s just excessive water retention! I have increased my water levels massively I reckon 3 fold but why are the results not showing.

So me and TOH are both doing well overall with our healthy eating, more concentration on strength exercises and an increase in protein and fat and hopefully there will be some better results in the next 2 weeks.

Healthy dinner tonight and taking in more broccoli in the stir fry! Go iron and calcium!


Is sugar making you fat?

Since being more aware of what I am eating it’s shocking what you can discover!

“This generation of children will lead shorter lifespans of their parents, sugar has been pumped into so many low fat foods, the USDA has an inherent conflict of interest when it comes to US agriculture and setting dietary guidelines, big food doesn’t necessarily want us to know what we are eating, labels don’t tell the whole story, marketing to children is basically coopting their brains and wiring them at a very early age and we can actually do something about all of these things.” – Katic Couric (1a)

Katie Couric journalist, author and talk-show host is executive producer of her recent documentary ‘Fed Up,’ directed written and produced by Stephanie Soechtig a documentary which illustrates how sugar is impacting the health and well-being of American society. America is not alone, with obesity rates in Australia tipping near 30%, 31% in New Zealand, Canada is pushing near 25%, in Europe 23% of women and 20% of men are obese. These figures do not include the percentage of overweight people within these countries which pushes these numbers significantly higher. In some cases the combined percentage of populations that are either overweight or obese is almost 70%. For example in the UK 67% of men and 57% of women are either overweight or obese. Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar website outlines some of the health risks of high sugar diets and has links to some of the studies and research undertaken around sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Some of these include: sugar ages the body and causes wrinkles, increased risk of heart disease, increasing the risk of cancer and sugar increases your risk of diabetes A retrospective, worldwide study found small increases in sugar can lead to significant increases in diabetes rates. The white stuff makes you fat, a meta-analysis study published in the British Medical Journal shows increased sugar intake is significantly associated with weight gain and an increased risk of obesity in children having just one sweetened drink per day.(1)

‘Fed Up’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year which suggested Sugar may be the New Cigarettes? Fed Up traces back the last 35 years and makes a convincing case that big business is to blame. (When isn’t it?) The food industry responded to the McGovern Report by flooding the grocery aisles with “healthy” chips, cookies, drinks and cereals that cut fat while quietly upping the sugar. Since then, sugar consumption has doubled. It’s not because we’re pounding down the pound cakes — a breakfast of orange juice and a bowl of processed cereal maxes out our ideal sugar intake for the rest of the day. Sugar increases insulin, insulin increases fat storage. And it’s addictive. In a study Soechtig quotes, 93 percent of lab rats chose sugar water over cocaine. At this rate, in twenty years, 95 percent of the population will be obese, a crisis that affects every aspect of our country’s stability from health care spending to national defense. A group of retired military leaders is so alarmed by our out-of-shape society that they’ve issued a warning study called “Too Fat to Fight.” At that point in the screening, the slender actresses to the right of me tsk-tsked, but then Fed Up dropped a bomb: 40 percent of thin people are also fat, their internal organs padded with enough damaging blubber that they may as well be clinically obese. Behold, our new national paranoia: TOFI, or Thin Outside, Fat Inside. (2)

“The Government is subsidizing the obesity epidemic.” – Michael Pollan
Fed Up shows how the first dietary guidelines issued by the U.S. government 30 years ago overlooked the role of dietary sugar in increasing risks of obesity, diabetes, and associated ill-health outcomes, particularly in children. Since these guidelines effectively condoned unlimited addition of sugar to foods consumed by children, sugar consumption has greatly increased, obesity has skyrocketed, and generations of children have grown up far fatter than their parents. These children face impaired health and shorter lifespans as a result. The film upends the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and lays bare the misinformation put forth on how to lose it. It reveals that far more of the American public gets sick from what they eat than anyone realized. The film traces the history of processed foods adding dangerous levels of sugar and sweeteners to their roster of ingredients. (It began in the late 1970s with the rise of low-fat foods and has intensified since then.) Doctors bemoan the rise of adult-onset diabetes in young children, as well as children suffering strokes and heart attacks at a very young age, due to their excessive intake of sugar.(3)

“There are 600,000 food items in America, 80% of them have added sugar.” – Dr Robert Lustig
“Fed Up” is a mixture of in-the-life coverage and a roster of talking heads that include former President Bill Clinton. Soechtig spent two years with a group of kids, documenting their efforts to improve their health through dieting and exercise. The tragedy, her film argues, is that the pervasiveness of the food industry and the misinformation it disseminates has stacked all the odds against them. Personal responsibility and freedom of choice has always been Big Food’s counter to accusations of public endangerment, but if the American people has been so intricately misled, where is the personal freedom to make the right decision for one’s health? If “Fed Up” is persuasive and passionate enough in making its argument, it could lead to a huge difference in how we view healthy consumption. (4)

Article by Andrew Martin editor of onenesspublishing and author of One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future…







Country Obesity Statistics

Diets aka healthy eating (actually another word for a diet)

I really have a love hate relationship with dieting. Obviously I hate having to be on a diet or plan as restricting foodstuffs is so annoying but I acknowledge the fact that sadly my body lets me down by not converting all the glorious calories I have consumed over the decades into fat.

Life really isn’t fair! I have diligently followed my plan for a month and all I can show for it is a loss of about 8 pounds. I know that’s a good steady loss but I want dramatic!! I want about a stone. TOH is really not helping me as he is doing very well and has dedication going to the gym at least 5 times a week and endlessly standing in front on the mirror saying how reem he is looking. Whilst I congratulate him I am of course jealous of his progress as my own body has shamelessly not followed its part of the deal even though I am being angelic.

So 3 weeks until our holiday and ideally I want to lose 2 stone……… Short of cutting off my head or contracting sickness and diarrhoea my options are limited.

As it was the MD 21st last weekend I have to acknowledge that maybe the wine and champagne last Sunday and wine on Tuesday plus big BBQ and Indian meal maybe contributed to my undoing. Perhaps not quite so angelic!

So onwards and upwards in my quest for half a stone before the holiday I will be as perfect as TOH follow my plan and get to the gym a little more so I can be all inclusive on holiday and watch those pounds creep back on!

I will then have the joy of a Christmas countdown…………… My actual quest is to be fab and fifty not fat and fifty!

That picture is of course my aim! Am I deliberately setting myself up for a fall?……

Lo carb kids

Taken from  Since reading this I am thinking more about my daughters lunch box and trying to educate her regarding food and wheat intake. Please read this article: 

All children will benefit from lowering their carb, sugar, and wheat intake. You don’t need to be so strict with children in the healthy weight range, as they are generally more insulin sensitive than adults are, so their body can deal with sugars and carbs more efficiently. Overweight children should be controlled quite tightly. Studies have shown that children eating a ”low carb high fat’ diet, loose more weight and keep it off far better than those on a ‘calorie restricted low fat diet’.

I have written a series on Low Carb Kids. There are some great infographics and printables to help planning lunch boxes easier.

Low Carb Kids 1 – tips and tricks
Low Carb Kids 2 – printable guide to get your kids involved. How to plan you lunchbox each day.
Low Carb Kids 3 – 2 weeks of school lunches and how to plan them.
Low Carb Kids 4 – how to make a low carb lunchbox, and more Low Carb lunchbox ideas

All children will benefit from drinking less soft drinks (and energy drinks are an absolute no-no), less cakes, less sweets, less ice cream, less chips and tomato sauce (and don’t even get me started on chicken nuggets and pizza). Their bodies are growing at a rapid rate, and if we don’t feed them the nutrients they need for all the complex mechanisms that are going on inside their body, we are setting them up for a very unhealthy future. It is so sad when some children exist on litres of soft drinks, hot chips, pies, McDonalds, KFC, Subway – DAILY. Next time you see a bunch of teenagers hanging out at the mall, what are they eating? Usually some kind of takeaway washed down with an energy drink. Zero nutrition. These are beautiful growing bodies who have an addiction to high energy foods, neglect whole foods, and are probably deficient in some area. Try and really think about what your children have eaten in the last week. Make a mental note or log into My Fitness Pal and track it.

This is a great little video from the daughters of Tim Naughton, maker of ‘Fat Head Movie’. To see all their videos, see my link on You Tube.

I want to teach my children about having a healthy lifestyle –

for their bodies to be well nourished (which is different from well fed)
to be able to concentrate at school
not eating to excess
enjoying treats
eating real whole food
making good choices
enjoy trying new foods (our family rule is “you don’t have to like them, but you do have to try them”)
being active is fun
health and nutrition are a priority
Children need good FATS – they keep you full for longer, contain essential fatty acids and supply the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Children need protein – building blocks of their growing muscles.

Children need carbohydrates – but no where near what people think. Even severely restricting carbohydrates, the body can still make it through gluconeogenesis from excess protein.

Children need vegetables – fibre, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, phytochemicals and all the other hundreds of compounds that haven’t even been discovered yet. Fruits and vegetables should not be seen as equal. Fruit is incredibly high in carbs,especially fructose. Eat whole fruits (and never fruit juice or dried fruits), as the whole fruit contains fibre and nutrients, but don’t consider they are equal as vegetables. Be aware of the fructose content of fruit, and limit to 1 or 2 pieces a day. Go for lower sugar fruit such as berries. Cut back on high sugar tropical fruits such as pineapple, melons, grapes, etc.

How many parents do you know where they just laugh and say their children just WON’T eat vegetables. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure they are properly nourished. It’s your convenience of not having a battle at the dinner table that allows them to refuse vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is easy, but establish a few family rules, one at a time, which let them know it is not negotiable. Go slowly as it may be a big change for some families. Be proud of what you have achieved. Little by little.

Our first family rule is they have to try everything. They don’t have to like it, but they have to try it
Keep introducing that food (maybe weekly) until they enjoy it, this may take forever, but you do get there
Get them to smother the food in something they do like to hide the taste (remember, they HAVE to eat some of it)
Flavour your vegetables. My children would turn up their noses at most greens until I made them silver beet carbonara, Asian greens etc. I almost cry when my youngest asks for more, a proud mum moment.
Put butter and cream cheese on the table instead of tomato sauce (way too processed and full of sugar). Let them flavour their own food. They have control and won’t battle so much.
Put twice as much of something on the plate as you know they will eat and then you can negotiate they only have to eat half (sneaky psychology, but man this one works).
Get them to choose what to go in their lunch boxes. I know what each of my children’s tastes are so make their lunchbox accordingly. I’m not saying I make totally different lunch boxes, but where one has tomatoes and feta, my youngest will have capsicum and carrots. I still add one thing a day to push them. At the moment it’s a cherry tomato each day for the boys. They know I will check each day to see if it has been eaten, if not, they have to eat it before they eat their afternoon tea.
I would say I am pretty good at what I feed them at home (all the pictures you see, are our actual meals), but I don’t restrict them in any way when they are at friends or at parties. No one likes a diet bore or a food restrictor. It would be great if other parents made good choices, but really, it’s not making up a huge part of their diet. This would be different of course if your child has a true food allergy or intolerance, but my children never have. My focus at home is always restrict the carbs and restrict poor food choices.

Eating out is a tough one. Most cafes sell cakes, muffins, donuts, sandwiches, juice, …. and sometimes there is no other choice. Thats ok, just make sure they have the best of what is there and NO juice. Save your $$$ and ask for a jug of water. Try and adapt what is on offer.


If we go to McDonalds, I always choose a small burger meal, but choose a diet coke and replace the fries with a side salad. I then open the burger and put the meat patties, sauces and cheese on top of the salad. Voila, the regular meal would have been 870 kCal, 133g carbs, my new meal is only 204kCal and 4g carbs!!!!! It just takes a bit of thinking. My children don’t drink many soft drinks but when they do I always get diet drinks if we are eating out, I know there is a lot of controversy about artificial sweeteners, but I personally choose them.


It seems to be working!

After a week of being super good (apart from the chocolatier tea) TOH and I met with Paul for our chat and to get onto the all telling scales. I’m not sure if I am getting to hate these scales!

I have upped my water intake massively and yet the hydration levels are still the same. This is something I have consciously done and I have to say I don’t find it easy. I would probably only drink 2-3 teas coffees a day and maybe 2 glasses of water. Now I have 1 maybe 2 coffees but more than 2 litres of water which is a huge difference!

That first big glass in the morning is a struggle and yesterday was the first day at work I finished my 2 litre bottle – it took all day! At home I usually have a couple of large glasses! Yes I know the science but it’s just getting used to it! As my Nan used to say water is only for washing in! 😄 x

Needless to say I was disappointed that my hydration had not improved. Also my exercise was much improved but again the scales did not reflect this.

However weight loss 2 pounds. Not great but it’s going the right way! TOH lost 5 which is brilliant. I am just gutted my first week was not recorded as I know I did well then.

Normally by now I would be wavering on the diet but as we have holiday planned I will give it another month to see how it goes. By my own scales I have actually lost a stone!

It took me many years to get to the overweight stage so it will take some undoing!

We did watch a couple of interesting short programmes which were very encouraging.

Food is very powerful as we know and can heal, energise and create a healthy functional body (quoted from Paul)

So with those wise words in mind I am moving forward!

And on another note I am super thrilled that the eldest daughter ED had some brilliant news yesterday. She is training at Sandhurst a the British military academy to become an Army Officer and she was offered a place in her regiment of choice! This is a massive achievement for her and I am so proud!


Am I obsessed with my scales!

Having now followed my new healthy eating plan for some weeks and getting on my scales probably 3 times a day to monitor my progress I am finding that there is no movement on the scales which of course is making me feel despondent!

This is discouraging as having previously ate breakfast (really for the sake of it) I have spent a week of having no breakfast and just coffee with some double cream (allowed as it’s the right sort of fat!). Lunch ham/chicken salads and dinner either chicken/fish salad or vegetable.

Maybe I need to get the tape measure out as I may see weight loss that way rather than inches!

Can feel myself thinking what’s the point………! Need to stay focused!

I had a good class at the gym yesterday too….. Just had a read through some inspirational quotes which made me feel better!

I think as TOH has embraced the plan and has probably lost about 5 pounds that’s made me wonder what’s going on with me! Of course men’s and women’s bodies are different note to self get on with it and keep off the scales!

Please can someone tell me where the weekend went?

How is it when you have the weekend to look forward to on Thursday/Friday at work when you find yourself sitting at 9 o’clock on a Sunday evening wondering where the time went?

Friday night was nice and relaxing TOH decided to take Paul at his word and encourage me to do some low impact work at the gym followed by a relax in the health suit.

Saturday after the YD swimming we went to London for a celebration of the middle daughter’s MD forthcoming 21st. We had a brief wander around Leicester Square and Convent Garden – well as much as TS could cope with as he declared he hated people and London was too busy for him!! Helpful!

Lunch was not too successful as there was something moving in my salad …….but the chocoholics afternoon tea was fun and the cake sooooo rich! We all felt rather chocolated out afterwards.

Today has flown by, back on my healthy eating plan which is good. We were hoping to try out the BBQ but stormy weather prevented it!

Thankfully TOH worked very hard in the garden and it is looking so much better. Belatedly I planted some patio pots and a bit of colour has made a difference to the block of green!

We have the Disney themed 21st BBQ next Sunday to look forward too…….better sort my outfit!

Picture of London skyline below from level 7 Number One Leicester Square!

Staying focused!

After more than 2 weeks of no carbs etc I really felt my resolve waiver when I came home form the gym yesterday.

I had done a functional training class (like circuits) and felt so hungry! My body was not accepting water or nuts as a quick fix. It was yelling at me for something else so to my disgust I had a twix bar…………….not even confessed this to TOH who is on the plan and being super good!! And that was not enough so I went for 2 slices of white bread clover and marmite. I am mortified. All recorded on my app and in terms of calories I am ok but not on plan!

Today is another day ……….letting it go now deep breaths ……! Lol