What to do when it rains!

The heavens really opened just after 3 today right on cue for the school children coming out of school!

Today the YD and I decided to have a chill out and watch a movie that I bought a couple of months ago especially for a rainy day!

We had a great time watching the show of this film at a local Theatre


The show was fantastic the actors/musicians really talented. Paul Michael Glaser was brilliant. There was no orchestra but the actors all played instruments which they brought onto the stage and those instruments just became an extension of themselves. It was really clever and so well produced.


The film was not a disappointment, I forgot PMG starred in it and it was really nice to appreciate that link. We both enjoyed it and the YD remembered lots of the songs from the show. It still makes me cry at the end when Hodel comes to say goodbye! God be with you ­čśş!

Rainy days must mean comfort food so a lovely roast chicken breast and piles of veg!

Waiting for my frozen berries to defrost to have with Greek yoghurt later on with TOH when he gets in from the gym! (Alright for some!)