Have I really found my mojo?

When you have a considerable amount of weight to lose its easy to give up, not stay focused and make up excuses. I think I have been doing that for the last 23 years! My eldest child is 23 and really since that pregnancy I have not worried about my weight. Maybe not worrying isn’t the right thing to say as I was lucky enough to play lots of sport which kept my weight down, I ate normally but not excessively I worked in London and I would have toast for breakfast and then a sandwich and snack for lunch and whatever evening meal I fancied. I didn’t really think about weight I wasn’t super slim just average (I would love to be there now) some things were tight on me but I never slimmed into clothes.

I did go on a diet after having my son and probably lost a stone That was with weight watchers. Thinking back that’s probably the only time I have ever been successful at a slimmimg. Club and got to target. The trouble is staying there!

Thinking about why this has been the case over the last few weeks has been a revelation to me. I think It’s so much to do with confidence. My first marriage broke down when my son was coming up to 8 years old but for 3-4 years before that I was not happy in myself and with the relationship. 

I didn’t feel valued or confident and that’s when I will have a few extra wines pick at food etc… 

After that breakdown I crashed with another unsuccessful relationship and breakdown and now bear the burden of feeling guilty from the effects of that breakdown! The blessing was a lovely child but sadly for her she didn’t have her parents together. Just feeling good about myself did not come naturally.

It’s easy to blame others for your problems and difficulties and not address the issue of your weight gain and I think that is something I have buried.  I haven’t wanted to face it, well the underlying unhappiness which I think is part or the cause. Well I have faced it and need to do something about it for me! I need to feel confident that I can be successful on this journey. 

Acknowledgingi that it will be a journey is important as I need to realise this won’t be a quick fix but may take a year or more.  God knows it took 23 years to get here!

So I have read a lot of books, diet plans and articles.

 What is key in so much of the celebrity articles is that X has lost so much weight in a certain time and they have lots of energy but what they fail to mention is they probably had a dietician, cook and personal trainer helping them.  Your average Jane doesn’t have that support or unlimted funds so I am going to do this but my way and with luck this time I will be successful.
The principles I will be taking with me on this journey and food plans to follow for the first months at least is trying to steer clear of traditional processed carbs, bread, cereals, pasta rice etc? I do cook from scratch but my aim is to to eat cleanly.
So to report on my initial days

Day one I haven’t been shopping in a while so had to make do. I had 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Took an apple to work for a snack and homemade soup for lunch.

The soup was made in a new soup maker (fantastic buy) with 1 onion, 2 sweetpotatoes, a red pepper, a chilli and 2 slices of butternut squash cut into chunks. All veg peeled and chopped. I had a hearty bowl of soup! 

When I got home after the school run I went to my gym and did a short spin class for 30 minutes then came home (from small acorns!)

Diner was simple I chopped 2 onions, a pepper, courgette, half an aubergine and again a couple of slices of squash onto an oiled tray (olive oil) seasoned and put over herbs cooked for 30 minutes and had with a small seasoned Turkey breast.

Desert was some Greek yoghurt, not lo fat with defrosted cherries.

Oh and I did make another soup for today, curried squash with onion and a red pepper, I had a bowl of it too

!Feeling inspired!

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