Salmon coconut oil and lime!

Looking forward to trying out this dish. I am marinating the salmon in lime juice and some coconut oil, it smells amazing!

Will cook with stir fry veg, ginger and garlic in a little coconut milk can’t wait! TOH needs to hurry back from the gym!

Feeling much more positive and seem to be getting back to where I was last weekend. Goodness only knows what happened 4 glasses of wine and 2 bits of cake and I seem to have put on 4 pounds!!


Liking my bed too much and not feeling the urge to greet the day with a glass of water!

My enthusiasm has dwindled today. Been promising myself to get to the gym all week but not managed!

Last night had the MD over for dinner (and to do my waxing). The kids had pasta bolognaise and bread (pasta and bread banned for me), I cooked a separate dinner and by the time that was finished and we were washed and cleared up it was after 8 and the football was about to begin.

Just a quick rewind re waxing, why do I always feel so vulnerable on a couch waiting for hot wax to be put on me and then ripped off!! It doesn’t get any less painful – like eyebrow threading. That’s torture too!

Football, Brazil Germany what a game what a score line the Brazilians must be mortified to lose 1 goal to 7!

So last night’s dinner was pretty delicious. Chicken breast with lots of veggie stir fry. As I forgot to get ginger I did use a sauce to give the stir fry a bit of extra flavour. We had pud, black cherries, Greek yoghurt the full fat variety and a teaspoon of honey.

TOH had the Black Forest version with a meringue and chocolate shape yoghurt and squirty cream!

We had to get shot of the fudge as it had been in the house for 2 days and the only sensible option was to eat it so we took it to bed! Only 4 pieces each but I think it induced the diabetic coma I am currently experiencing!

So I am forcing myself up to have a glass of water and face the day!

Breakfast will be a la continental and lunch mackerel salad (I bought shed loads of it!). Dinner not sure yet but another salad could be on the horizon!

No food pics today! But……look at my lillies!